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Ellidore Travel is a fully integrated agency specialising in experiences for adventurous, fun-loving individuals all over the world. Our team curates meaningful, insightful and immersive experiences for our members.


We believe travel should be a fun, positive experience from start to finish. Our team is passionate about the details and the service we provide to make sure that every moment makes sense.

Whether you are exploring the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu or hiking the stunning Canadian Rockies, we work tirelessly to create itineraries that work for you.

We aim to weave all our services into your trip, so you experience the very best life has to offer each time you travel with us.

Experiential Travel

Dive into the heart of luxury with experiences that are as unique as you are. From private vineyard tours to after-hours museum visits, we craft moments that are extra extraordinary!

Adventure Travel

Embark on thrilling expeditions where luxury meets the wild. Scale majestic peaks or sail through iceberg-laden waters, all while enjoying the finest comforts and curated service.


Indulge in the epitome of opulence. We can provide access to the world's most exclusive destinations, delivering unparalleled luxury and high-touch service at every turn.


Enhance your travels with our roster of professionals. Whether it's a family nanny or an expert local guide, our staffing solutions ensure expertise and exclusivity for your journey.


Navigate the waters with our bespoke superyacht service. Whether you desire a swift and elegant vessel for glamorous Mediterranean cruises or seek a sturdy craft for adventurous voyages, our extensive selection promises the perfect match for every escapade.

Private Jets

Experience the ultimate in convenience and luxury, with our charter service that can get you to your dream destinations faster and in style.

“Our trips run differently, by becoming a member you’ll find out how”
Luxury Travel

The devil is in the detail and attention to detail makes the best of every trip. We take care of your money and your particular desires. You are unique so your experiences and itineraries must be too.

We cherry-pick the best of everything to suit you at all times and ensure you have a smile on your face throughout.

Travel is fun, it is adventure, it is relaxing, it’s your time. We are here to make sure it’s all that and more, have a read of some of our favourite adventures.


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