Fashion Avenue, Dubai Mall


Is there anywhere in the world quite like it?


Fashion Avenue is where all your shopping dreams come true. Within a beautifully light and airy new extension to the world’s largest mall you can wander from Gucci to Maria Tash and Alexander McQueen in just a few minutes. The density of luxury brands and the size of the stores themselves is quite simply like no where else on earth. Step inside at night and the place comes alive, with cafes like LaDuree, Chocomelt and L’Eto heaving with people, socialising, shopping and eating sweet delicious treats long into the night. So well thought through is this place, that in more ways than one, it is leading the way in modern shopping.

You can flit between high end cafes and restaurants like Cova, Katusya and Gia whilst overlooking the world famous Dubai Fountains, pop for a spot of retail therapy in one of the hundreds of luxury stores or should you fancy it, just moments away, is the best indoor aquarium we’ve ever seen, a lift to the top of the highest building in the world, a gargantuan cinema and of course what we all crave after a long shop, a spot of ice skating!


In all seriousness, in terms of luxury this place is the bees knees. It has 4 luxury hotels connected to it, 3 of which you don’t even need to step foot outside to enter. It even has an entire floor dedicated to Perfumes! The breadth of choice in such a confined area, in terms of high end fashion, is unrivalled and to cap it off it has a complimentary Personal Shopping and Styling service available to anyone wanting fashion tips, guidance in the mall or that ultimate experience.

For a mall this is unheard of and for it to be free is a real nod to the experience element of place. There are 7 full time, experienced stylists, speaking 9 different languages, offering you a buggy service around the mall, so there’s no need to walk, access to a VIP lounge where you can snack on cakes and drink sweet tea overlooking the fountain show in the evening. Finally be led around your favourite stores, introduced to new brands, experiencing the private rooms in all of them, whilst being professionally styled along the way. The best bit of all is you can dump your bags, head out to dinner and have them delivered to your hotel, for free, that evening. 

This place really does mean business!