A conversation with CJ Hendry

cj henry interview

How have you as an Aussie ended up in Brooklyn, NYC?

The art world in new york is the most competitive and inspiring in the world I was thinking about moving to Hong Kong but at the last minute, my boyfriend and i decided to move to new york and build the brand there. We love a challenge we love exploring and love experiencing new things, so New York is just for us.

We've noticed you only use a (colored) pencil, how has that come about and what makes it so special to you?

I started my practice only exclusively using pen and ink. About 4 years ago I decided to branch out and set myself a new challenge by going from black and white to color, which has been fun. its been fun getting to learn a medium.  I'm a horrible painter so luckily I've mastered the crafts of pen and pencil. I've dedicated my life to this craft. I'm so confident using a pencil I could almost draw with my eyes closed.


Who do you admire in the artworld, who are your inspirations in life in the art old and elsewhere?

right from the beginning and to this day I've always been inspired by Robert Longo, Irving Penn, and Richard Prince, all for different reasons. My inspiration in life doesn't come down to one particular person. There's a combination of different people from different careers and aspects in life. whether it be friends, people I listen to in podcats. The list can vary.

What's next for you? you had a really successful exhibition in Brooklyn last year are there plan for more this year?

Holy sh!t the plans we have for Apil 2019 is going to be wild. I can't say any more from there but there are some huge planned for this year. I cannot wait.

I'm sure our clients would want to know about commissions do you take these on and do you have limits to what you will draw?

I do take commissions very selectively and only open commission on the first week of March, I'm open to most ideas but if it doesn't resonate with me I don't go ahead with it.


What typical in the life of CJ Hendry?

Very simple. I think I live a very simple life. I love to be in the studio with the team. I really love working towards specific jobs and goals. I enjoy eating-out and I love exploring and enjoying new restaurants. if I ever had the chance id love to work with a restaurant one day.

One final thing from us - where is top of your travel list this year?

Well, at the end of January we're heading to the Courchevel ski resort in France which I cannot wait for. sometime this year' I'd love to go the Amalfi coast and enjoy life there.